The Hostetler Blind Family Quartet

Inspired by the Hostetler Blind Family Quartet, a musical group of three brothers and one sister who played in and around the area of Fayette County, Pennsylvania. They were born without eyes.

Supplemental information about these performers has been brought to me by my friend, Derek Pegritz, to whom I am grateful:

“Catherine, Samuel (a.k.a. Jesse Samuel or, sometimes, Samuel Jesse), Bartholomew, and John were the children of Daniel Hostetler and Mary (Gibbons) Hostetler–who were first cousins. Despite being born blind, all four were gifted musicians, and were quite renowned in the Fayette County area. There are rumours, too,–unsubstantiated–that they toured Europe as well. With the exception of Catherine (who lived into her fifties), they enjoyed long lives, and all four are buried with their parents at the Leckey (or Lecks) Cemetery between McClellandtown and Lamberton.”


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