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Cardigan in Progress and Still Life with Chocolate Cake

The front and back are sewn together, the pockets are sewn in, all we need now are some sleeves and a collar, and then buttons. Then it will look like this:

Long Oatmeal Cardigan with Front Pockets and Toggle Buttons at My Good Babushka.

The Chocolate Cake Still Life is finished and you can get a better look at it, or other foodie still life paintings at My Good Babushka.


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Some Needlework in Progress

Working on a long, oatmeal-colored cardigan. Just starting the right front panel.

A little embroidery in progress. A golden tree. The black background is taking a long time.

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Some Knitting and a Search Party

Here is the back of a long cardigan I’m knitting.

I’ve done a bunch of sketches inspired by the folk belief that candles set adrift on water won’t cross a drowned body. The focus of the sketches has shifted from the drowned body to the search party.

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Some Knitting and Embroidery

I’m making another long, mock-cable cardigan. This time in the color “oatmeal” and a little bit larger than the last one.

Finished up my Sheela Na Gig embroidered pillow, too. All my hand embroidered works are one of a kind pieces, and I never use a machine in any part of the project, all hand sewn. You can find my Sheela Na Gig Pillow at My Good Babushka.

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Some Knitting

Here is a long cardigan awaiting buttons.

Above is the finished cardigan in better light with pretty wooden toggle buttons. You can find the Long Golden Cardigan at My Good Babushka.

Below is a striped scarf I’ve been working on.

And below is the finished scarf with a pretty fringe You can find this Long Striped Scarf, also at My Good Babushka.

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A Yellow Cardigan and The Colt-Pixy

I’m working on the right front side of a long golden cardigan with these wiggly, mock cable panels on them.
I have other Cardigans that are already finished, if that’s something you are looking for.

Here is a sketch for Colt-Pixy. A colt-pixy is a malicious spirit horse that lures travelers into bogs and to their doom. I’ve envisioned it here as a prop used to by two impish bog creatures who are languidly waiting for the next lost traveler to cross their path. I’m still not completely happy, so I’ll keep working on it. If you like creepy, folktale or fairy tale inspired art, you can see my paintings at My Good Babushka, art, jewelry, needlework.

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Two Needlework Projects in Progress

Sea Monster Embroidery in Progress.

Left front of a long cardigan I’ve been working on. This is inspired by a vintage McCall’s pattern, but I’ve changed it a good deal to fit my yarn, which is a heavier weight, and I’ve decided to add pockets to the front as you see I’ve added one here. I haven’t added the ribbed top band, or sewed it in place yet, though.
You can see the finished Sea Monster Embroidery at My Good Babushka. And even though this sweater is not done yet, this next link will take you to some finished hand-knit Cardigans and Sweaters.

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